Heather mangrum

A student in rome

I’m a graduate student at a time in my life I never expected. To be honest, I never expected to be a graduate student at all. But the Pandemic changed things for all of us and I’m on a new exciting path.

Rome offers me the opportunity to learn how a city with thousands of years of history and building can work to preserve its heritage without forsaking the needs of the modern world. I am thrilled to be here, working to bring my new knowledge back to creating better spaces in the US.

My Roman Experience

My goals

what am i here for

The preservation system in America is broken. Things that should be saved are torn down but local opposition to new construction creates bottlenecks on lots where a famous person once spent a night.

Rome has more history in a neighborhood than most states have in their entirety. Still, the city has build subways and light rail, scooters zoom past thousand(s) year old ruins with impunity, and cats live their best lives in active dig sites. 

I want to bring that approach to US preservation efforts to realign priorities with the realities of 2021.

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il gatti di roma

The food

i’m also here to eat

OMG everyone. The food here is ridiculous.

Every restaurant seems to be great, the produce is fresh and incredible. I’m so glad I have to walk a ton to class.